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Phil: passed 37 Levels without wasting a single life :)

Just some time ago (in the year 2001) I found my tucked away A500 and had to play some nights away with games I hadn't touched in more than 10 years. It was almost like back then when I had seen Turrican for the first time and knew a home computer capable of such fine graphics and sounds is something I must have too.

Now I could go the long way around and tell you in detail why, in this age of realistic 3D Games and monumental production-values, I have returned to a computer and games that are 20 years old. But to make a long story short, as it seems this behaviour isn't exactly rare among Retro gamers and people taking an interest in classic games. I am just bored with the same concepts over and over again and a lack of ideas (except a few hit-titles) and thus I am getting pulled in by the games of my childhood and teenage-years. One reason is the nostalgic charm; the other reason is because I love carefully handpixeled 2D graphics. Thanks to systems like the NintendoDS this style (considered dead by some) is just having a wonderful comeback. The beautiful and richly equipped game boxes of days long past are just adding to the overall collecting fun.

My wish to rediscover and relive all of these classics got bigger and with it the collection of rarities and curiosities from the Amigagameworld grew. And thus the Amiga Game Museum was born. Starting with a rather personal and very subjective selection of Amiga titles it has grown since into almost consistent chronology of Amiga game history. With over 1000 hires Amiga game photos, infos and countless screenshots has turned into a popular contact point for collectors and nostalgics.

Due to logistical matters alone a private collection cannot grow forever, and because of the never ending search for all those new / unknown / forgotten games for the Amiga Museum a lot of classics come together and therefore the partner site exists. Here you get the chance to pick from a great amount of original classics and rarities. The funds raised by this are in return used to get more games for the Amiga Game Museum and to pay the expenses for hosting and updating. Therefore you support one of the most ambitioned Amiga related pages on the net helping to keep the Amiga Game Museum alive and going with every game you buy or trade in... (please browse to the "FAQ section for more infos)

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9 Lives / arc . 1990
Cadaver - AddOns & official DemoDisks: "Temple", "Last Super", "Gatehouse"
Beyond Dark Castle / midnight oil . 1989
Black Sect / lankhor . 1994
Crossbow : The Legend of William Tell / electronic zoo . 1990
Darios+ / edge . 1989
Diosa De Cozumel, La / Aventuras AD - Spain . 1990
Future Wars / interplay . 1989 [US Version]
Lorna / topo soft . 1990
Lotus Trilogy / gremlin . 1994 [Euro-Version]
Magican, The / loriciel . 1990
Metal Mutant / silmarils . 1991
Miami Chase / codemasters . 1990
Navi Seals / ocean . 1991
Shufflepuck Cafe / broderbund . 1989
Spy VS Spy / (alle) first star . 1989
Wings of Fury / broderbund . 1990 [Euro-Version]

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